Join Us As We Work Towards Serving Our Community​


With the support of Indigenous Information Network,Olorukoti resorce centre have started a project which aims at teaching the community onways in which they can utilize their pieces of land to achieve food security by planting food and trees in same farm.

World Indigenous Peoples Day celebration.

WIth the support of Indigenous Information network and other partners,We were able to celebrate the Indigenous Peoples Day.In attendance were elders,youths and women.Our major focus was discussions on ways to restore our ecosytems,climate change mitigation measures and use of Traditional knowledge to preserve and protect our biodiversity

We had 16 days of Campaign with women from various women groups which we work together.
Human Rights Day at Enooretet Kilgoris.We celebrated this day to mark the end of 16 days of Activism

Tree Planting

The indigenous women at Olorukoti resource and knowledge centre plant trees which they sell .This activity is a major source of income to women in the various women group.

Indigenous women workshop

Olorukoti Resource and knowledge centre have indigenous women workshops where women are trained on aspects such as economic empowerment,land rights and leadership

Library service

Olorukoti  center has a small library with different books on different issues; there is still need to enhance the library. The center is also expecting to develop its research department so as to look at the evolvement of the different Maasai communities from different clans with different dynamics that impact in their social,economic and political perspective.

Launch of technical working groups on teenage pregnancy

Indigenous women and youths from Olorukoti Knowledge and resource centre went to Narok for launch of working groups to end teenage pregnancies in Narok County

Water harvesting projects

Due to Inadequate availability of water during dry season, the people from Olorukoti centre and community harvest water during rainy seasons to be used during dry season.

Enviromental Conservation

The Indigenous Women from Olorukoti takes an initiative of conserving their environment by planting trees and always ensuring that the trees are well taken care of.

Viva Girls Training

Viva Girls training took place at Enooreti Methodist church Kilgoris. The girls were trained on issues such as harmful culturalpractices,education,peer pressure, drug abuse and the impacts of covid 19 pandemic on them

Indigenous Women workshop,Oloibor Soito

The meeting was attended by 41 participants from 9 women groups, namely; Emparan, Nadupoi, Ewangan Elatia, Elatia Naparana, Nabulu 2020, Nailepu Widows, Empiris, attracting two new women groups; Olkeju Rongai and Natasha.The Agenda for the meeting was todiscuss about economic empowerment,land rights,insecurities in the area and issues affecting their children especially girls during the Covid-19 Pandemic